There are several ways to seek help from other researchers:
If you are a serious Essex County Researcher, it is strongly suggested you join the official Essex County Mailing List. Here you will find hundreds of Essex researchers trading information in an almost "family" atmosphere. (Most are cousins.) Subscribe to Essex County's Mailing List in either List mode, where you get each post as it's sent, or Digest mode, where you receive one or more posts at a time in a single e-mail.

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The Essex County message board at RootsWeb allows you to post to a bulletin board. Many people check this board daily. Answers to a query are posted and you are notifed via e-mail that a reply is on the board. All replies to a subject are threaded for easy referral. The board is not gatewayed to the MAEssex list.
Or you might want to use Query Master. Query Master is used by many ME, NH and MA County and Town GenWeb Projects.